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We are a very young company with almost 4 years old. We started with one big distribution such as Collecta, but we are actually growing very very fast with many more successful distributions and a very ambitious projects of developing own branded and license items.

In one side, Deqube is a distribution company, where we actually distribute important and key brands such as: Collecta, Wow pods, Supermag, Basic Fun, Fisher Price, Peppa pig, CaDa, etc… Normally we close these agreements in exclusive for Spain and Portugal but for Peppa Pig we can distribute it internationally because we have designed and created the products and the assortment ourselves with our factories. We actually have 17 sku’s from Peppa pig (And 15 more confirmed for 2023).

In the other side, Deqube is our OEM premium brand. We develop our own Deqube products from the very first step. We identify the opportunity, build the product, create the design and of course look for the best materials and factories to produce it. So all our Deqube products are unique and exclusive. Our main concern with the brand is to create top-quality products with high detailed trendy designs and packagings.

Our purpose is to offer a product in which four fundamental axes take precedence.
1.- Quality as a global concept.
2.- The human relationship with our partners.
3.- Stability within an educational product.
4.- Adaptation to a "multi-channel" policy that allows us to reach all models.

Baltasar Castelló CEO - DeQUBE S.L.

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