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Gardaí have seized the property in Cork following the deaths of the two suspects in relation to a separate drug lab raid on Dublin’s Donegal Road, police sources said.

They are also searching for two people who may have been involved in the raid but have not identified them at this stage.

This is the third such raid linked to the two men who are being held in custody.

Policexo 카지노 sources say the drugs are believed to have been sourced from Donegal Road by a «prostitute» who had «access» to the premises.

Gardai are also continuing to investigate claims that a man at the home of a young girl in nearby Mallow was sexually퍼스트 카지노 assaulted by an associate of one of the suspects last July when she was between the ages of 12 and 17 years old.

The girl has been told to speak with a psychiatrist who is to interview her and is to be questioned about the «sexual assault», the gardai are said to have said.

The second man, who was arrested last Wednesday, also faces multiple drug charges linked to the investigation into the drug lab raid on Donegal Road last July.


Gardai raided two properties in Cork in connection with two related drug operations – one in March 2016 and the other in June 2016, it is claimed.

In a joint operation, gardai executed search warrants at three properties and arrested nine people last Friday (Friday September 16).

The operations were carried out as pa카지노 게임rt of ongoing police investigations into gang activity in the area.

Both men have been remanded in custody following the gardaí seizing the properties, which are at an address in St. Peter Street, Mallow.

A post mortem was also carried out on a 13-year-old victim at the property, it is said.

The woman, who is an organiser with the Donnybrook Friends and Community Community, was admitted to Mallow Royal Infirmary with injuries to her back, leg and neck, the gardai said.

Two men arrested and remanded in custody after raids in Mallow

In March 2016 gardai conducted an investigation into the alleged use of a drugs lab in relation to the drug lab raid on Dublin Road.

Four men – two 18 year old boys and a 21 year old – are believed to have been arrested as they were involved in a «sensate-driven» operation of «pushin

Fire damages queanbeyan club